Layout Editing

Layout Editing

Submitting manuscripts for layout editing:

  • At the Publishing Department, Medical University of Varna, South Wing, 1st
  • By e-mail:


Requirements for the Authors:

The manuscript must be prepared on MS Word for Windows:

  • format – Paper size А4
  • line spacing – Single Space
  • margins – 20 mm on all sides of the printing field
  • font – Arial or Times New Roman
  • font size – 12 Pt
  • alignment – Justified


All figures and graphs should be submitted as separate files in the original file format (images must be in graphics format – jpg, tif, eps) and their titles must correspond to the indicated ones in the text. Scanned images should be with a 300 dpi resolution. The tables should be integrated into the text. The explanatory text to each figure or table is placed in its description text.


Deadlines are negotiated for each individual case.



  • free – for editions included in the annual publishing plan.
  • paid – for editions NOT included in the annual publishing plan, as well as for authors not employed by the University. Offer inquiry