Scripta Scientifica Medica – from the Past to the Future

This year, MU-Varna’s journal with the longest-lasting traditions publishes its 50th anniversary volume. Nowadays, Scripta Scientifica Medica conserves its original professionalism and aspirations but also welcomes innovations, stepping into the future.

„The new, third Higher Medical Institute in our country is ready to undertake part of the tasks of our national healthcare system.“ With these historic words, the first rector, Prof. Radan Radanov, MD, PhD, opened the first academic year in MU-Varna in 1961. A year later, the journal – Annual Scientific Papers of the Higher Medical Institute – Varna started being published. In its pages the authors discuss current and valuable medical problems, and share experimental and clinical studies. The aim of the articles is to increase the amount of information reaching the readers and to be of use to the rest of the physicians and the national healthcare system as a whole. From 1964 the journal starts being published under the name Scripta Scientifica Medica, but its mission remains the same. Throughout the years, the articles have been published in Bulgarian, Russian and English.

Nowadays, Scripta Scientifica Medica is a respected journal, open to the world. It is now easier than ever for authors, editors, reviewers, and readers to become part of the world of the oldest journal of MU-Varna. Thanks to the online platform, introduced for the first time in the country by Varna Medical University Press, all processes related to the creation of a new issue have been automated. It means that articles can be submitted online at any time from any place in the world, after which they are automatically sent to reviewers. The reviews received are sent to the authors, who address their manuscripts to the editorial board or again to the reviewers, if any revisions have been made. This is followed by the submission being sent for language proofreading and then to a pre-press specialist, and the process ends with a final notification sent to the authors and editors.  Each article uploaded to the online platform receives a unique DOI (digital object identifier) number, which ensures long-term preservation of the hypertext links and facilitates the international scientific exchange. Nowadays, all of the issues of Scripta Scientifica Medica from 1966 to present days are with an open access on the online platform.

Throughout the years the journal has never stopped changing on the way ahead. Since 2014, it has started to apply the method of double-blind reviewing, which is standard in the international scientific studies and guarantees an ever better quality of the articles.  An inseparable part of the editing policy of the journal, in the recent years, is the integrated plagiarism detection software iThenticate, used by the leading medical publishers in the world. Currently, the publications are referred in major international databases and catalogs, which increases their visibility.

Despite the changes, during the past decades, in the editorial board, the editing and publishing process, and in its outlook, Scripta Scientifica Medica continues following its original mission and works towards increasing medical knowledge not only nationally, but internationally as well.

More information about the editorial board, publishing guidelines, ethical norms and indexing of Scripta Scientifica Medica can be found here. The entire full-text archive of the journal is freely accessible here.