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Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica

Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica

Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica is an official scientific journal of the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. It is published in English with a double-blind peer-review process. The journal accepts articles in the field of pharmacology. Periodicity - 2 issues annually. Proceedings and abstracts from congresses, symposia and conferences organized by the Medical University of Varna are published as supplements to the journal.

Current Issue

Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

Cover and contents PDF

Original Articles

Changes in interleukin 6 and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression levels in 3t3-l1 cells after exposure to agrimonia eupatoria l. extract and subsequent oxidative stimulation with tert-buthyl hydroperoxide reveal possible adaptogenic potential PDF
Yoana Kiselova, Deyana Vankova, Oskan Tasinov, Inna Feklicheva, Irina Potoroko, Diana Ivanova 7-13
Acute methanol intoxications registered in Varna region (Bulgaria) for a 25-year period PDF
Petko Marinov, Kaloyan Georgiev, Yulichka Subeva, Dobri Ivanov, Snezha Zlateva, Ivaylo Vazharov 14-18
Synthesis, physical, chemical and biological properties of 8-amino-7-[2-hydroxy-3- (3,4-dimethylphenoxy)propyl]-3-methylxantines PDF
Dmytro Ivanchenko 19-26
Synthesis, druglikeness estimation and prediction of possible pharmacological effects of new pyrrole hydrazones PDF
Diana Tzankova, Lily Peikova, Stanislava Vladimirova, Maya Georgieva 27-33
Issues of transition from the pharmaceutical development process to the technology transfer process within the pharmaceutical quality system PDF
Valeriy Nikityuk, Eugene Shakin, Natalia Asmolova, Tatiana Yarnikh 34-40
The study of physico-chemical and technological properties of active substances and their mixture for the development of a plant medicine with cardiotonic and immunomodulating action PDF
Alexandr Manscy, Antonina Sichkar, Irina Sayko, Dmitry Soldatov 41-46
Simultaneous assaying of famotidine, calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide in the extemporaneously prepared suspension PDF
Yevgeniy Lytvynenko, Artem Myhal, Olga Golovchenko, Victoriya Georgiyants 47-54

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