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Scripta Scientifica Medicinae Dentalis

Scripta Scientifica Medicinae Dentalis is a new scientific journal published in English by the Medical University of Varna from the current 2015 year. It publishes scientific articles and reviews in the field of dental medicine.

Table of Contents

Original Articles

Simulations of Cast and Selective Laser Melted Dental Bridges with Chewing Load PDF
Tihomir Vasilev, Tsanka Dikova, Dzhendo Dzhendov, Elisaveta Ivanova 7-11
Bad breath and its association with age and gender PDF
Vladimir Panov 12-15
Necessity of CBCT – examination in assessment of the surgical approach for the extraction of impacted lower third molars PDF
Albena Gencheva, Tihomir Georgiev, Hristina Arnautska, Ivan Gonkov, Petyr Chankov, Kamen Nogalchev 16-22


Oral Manifestations Consistent with Chronic Kidney Disease PDF
Anna Nenova-Nogalcheva 23-27
Primary temporomandibular disorders and comorbid conditions PDF
Vassil Svechtarov, Savina Nencheva - Svechtarova 28-32

Case Reports

Orthodontic extrusion with followed surgical extraction of high-risk lower third molar PDF
Albena Gencheva, Tihomir Georgiev, Hristina Arnautska, Gergana Ivanova, Kamen Nogalchev 33-38