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Medical Publishing in the 21st Century: Why We Need to go Back

George St. Stoyanov


Editorials are a means for authors to communicate, congratulate, critique and state their own opinion of emerging and worrying trends in their field. In the following, some aspects of both positive and negative sides of modern medical publishing will be discussed with regards to changes over the course of history, since its primary conception to present days. A wider focus will be made on the change different types of manuscripts have undergone from past to present such as Editorials, Technical reports, Case reports, Original articles and Reviews. Modern day worrying trends such as publishing time and the dubious process of editorial and peer review and rejection as well as article database services and the modern-day irrelevance of Impact factor, together with its harmful effects of medical publishing as a whole. All aspects of the letter are based on the authors personal experience and observations.

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George St. Stoyanov
Medical University - Varna "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov", Varna, Bulgaria

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