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Books to Help Prospective Students of MU-Varna for the Academic 2017-2018


Since the admission campaign of Varna Medical University for the academic year 2017-2018 has already started, we have decided to publish a list of specialized literature which can help both local and international prospective students to get ready for the examinations. The following textbooks, handbooks and repertories can be found both in bookshops or ordered online HERE.


The Students’ Admission Resource Book for the Academic Year 2017/2018



Repertory: Mock Exam Chemistry Tests for Prospective Students (published in 2017)



Repertory: Chemistry Tasks for Prospective Students (published in 2017)



Repertory: Mock Exam Biology Tests for Candidate Students in the Medical College of Varna for the Specialties “Midwife” and “Nurse” (published in 2017)



Repertories: Mock Exam Biology Tests for Prospective Students on the Study Material from 8th, 9th and 10th Grade

Biology Handbook

ORDER ONLINE – Repertory with test questions on 8th grade study material

ORDER ONLINE – Repertory with test questions on 9th grade study material

ORDER ONLINE – Repertory with test questions on 10th grade study material





Материали за подготовка на англоезични кандидат-студенти издаде Медицински университет - Варна

Handbook of Biology and Chemistry Test Items: for The Entrance Tests at Medical University of Varna (published in 2016)


“A Handbook of Biology and Chemistry Test Items” is specifically intended for applicants, interested in the programmes of Medicine and Dental Medicine taught in English language at MU-Varna. It is an essential tool for proper preparation for the entrance tests in Biology and Chemistry.

In the Handbook you will find examination questions in two parts – Chemistry and Biology. Each part contains 5 sections (Multiple Choice Questions, Gap-Filling Questions, Matching Questions, True/False Questions and Definitions and Explanations). The keys with the answers to the questions from Section A (300 Multiple Choice Questions) can be found at the end of each part.

ORDER  the printed edition of the handbook                                                       

ORDER  the eBook


Chemistry Textbook for the Entrance Test at Medical University of Varna (published in 2017)

The aim of this English language edition is to help the future applicants for the English language programmes in their preparation for the successful passing of the entrance exam in chemistry.

The textbook consists of 25 chapters, divided into two main parts – organic and inorganic chemistry. The presentation of the study material is done in a logical and consistent manner. The most important points are marked with graphic elements and are explained and presented through many examples and illustrations. There are also additional materials for self-evaluation, knowledge enrichment and skill improvement.