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The Repertory Mock Exam Biology Tests for Candidate Students in the Medical College of Varna for the Specialties “Midwife” and “Nurse” Is Available in Our Bookshop as of Today

Candidate students can now purchase the workbook with sample biology admission tests in Bulgarian for students applying for the specialties “Midwife” and “Nurse” in the Medical College of Varna. The book, collected by prof. Dobri Ivanov, contains 20 tests on various topics related to biology for medical purposes.

Each of the tests consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and 10 gap-fill exercises.







Table of contents:

  1. Tissues – epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous
  2. Internal liquid medium. Properties of blood plasma
  3. Blood cells
  4. Heart and blood vessels. Circulation – large and small circle
  5. Respiratory system
  6. Nutrition and digestion (without digestion in the mouth, stomach and intestines)
  7. Proteins. Polypeptide chains
  8. Structure and properties of proteins
  9. Nucleic acids. DNA and RNA
  10. Viruses – the border between animate and inanimate
  11. Structure of eukaryotic cells
  12. Providing the cell with an existence program
  13. Chromosomes – carriers of the cell program
  14. Cell division. Mitosis. Meiosis
  15. Monohybrid cross
  16. Dihybrid cross. Mendel’s laws
  17. Reproduction of animals and humans
  18. Individual development
  19. Anthropogenesis
  20. Comparative anatomic, comparative physiological, comparative embryological and palaeontological evidence of evolution

The book can be found both in the bookshop of the Medical University of Varna or in the online shop of the university’s press house.